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Designed coffee bean packaging now being sold online and in 25+ locations. Worked to develop artwork and brand recognition.


Rhapsody coffee is a local coffee roasting company in Chico, CA. They roast organic coffee specializing in fair trade single-source beans cultivated from small community farms in Brazil, Africa, and Guatemala. Both brands are currently distributed all around northern California.


Project details

The brand was already established and was sold all around Chico. Yet, the way they were presenting themselves restricted them from expanding. I worked closely with the owner to design something original and professional while making sure we didn't lose the small-batch local company identity.


As I began the project, I took several trips to our local grocery stores, looking at the vast selection of coffee beans on the shelves. I made a point to look for common trends and what would stand out on the shelf. I found myself asking “what would cause me to pick up a bag?" First, a color that stands out; second, a connection to the brand. My client and I landed on two colors; a royal purple and a warm peach tone. We believed that these stood out from the commonly used black and red packaging on the shelves. Additionally, we knew we needed to communicate our story through our packaging to better relate to our customers.


The front of the design consisted of

a bold size of the logo on the front, a coffee bean batch identifier, and a simple stamp of establishment at the top. By developing a sticker label on the front, we could describe the flavor, origin, and roast notes for every different roast. The sticker was inspired by a passport stamp, influenced by the culture of the country. This concept allowed us to mass produce the bags, ultimately dropping the manufacturing cost while not sacrificing the uniqueness and story of each roast.

The left side of the packaging contains four icons that represent the company culture; our commitment to responsibly roasted, 100% fresh, hand-crafted, damn good coffee. Below this, a little company story and purpose. The right side displays the company name over a topographic map as a tribute to the company's original home that was lost in the tragic Camp Fire in Paradise, California.

The back of the packaging seamlessly continues the contour of the topographic map displayed on the right side. It includes

a mission statement, brewing suggestion, the company logo, and a QR code. The QR was placed on the package to give consumers

a quick and easy way to access the company's website, where they can purchase more coffee.

The first package was a royal purple, however, the client settled on a soft peach tone and a shorter and wider sized bag. The design remained the same throughout these changes.

Final Product

After finalizing the packaging with the client, we sent it off to manufacturing. The client's satisfaction and enthusiasm for the final product lent its way to continued working with this company and their sister company. Our next task, the website.


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