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Motion Design

Motion graphics distill information so that they are easy to comprehend for a typical viewer. These projects were made using Adobe After Effects and contain examples of dynamic typography, product photography, and seamless transitions.


NorCal Nitro is a local coffee company based out of Chico, CA. They partner with their sister company, Rhapsody Coffee, to roast organic coffee. They specialize in fair trade of single-source beans cultivated from small community farms in Brazil, Africa, and Guatemala. Both brands are currently distributed all around northern California.

Designed to promote and inform

The tremendous changes in the world today also lead to innovation in the world of Graphic Design. You have less than three seconds to grab the viewer's attention. If you are looking for someone to create highly engaging and outstanding motion graphic animation videos for your business, then you are in the right place.

Check out some examples!

Social media post

Tailor-made to be sharable and posted on the web. This 10-second post was made using Adobe After Effects and contains dynamic typography, black and white photography, and seamless transitions. This content is designed to engage followers on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, helping connect your brand to potential customers.

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