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Burrito bandit

A student project in which I was challenged to update a company’s brand to address a more culturally sensitive world.


Burrito Bandito is a family-owned restaurant with several locations, mainly in northern California. They primarily serve burritos and tacos and use the motto “real food - real fast”.


Assessing the problem

Burrito Bandito uses stereotypes to promote their brand identity. Key problems that stood out to be addressed were as follows:

  1. The “Juan Mean Burrito” mascot illustrates a Mexican burrito character with a large mustache and sombrero.
  2. He is a bandit that is sometimes depicted in jail.
  3. The restaurant displays a cutout of the character that you can put your face in for a photo.
  4. The company labels themselves as a “Mexican Restaurant”, however, burritos do not originate from Mexico.


From sketch to prototype

My early sketches included a rough mock-up for a new bag, cup, and burrito packaging. I began playing with bold colors and patterns from Aztec origins, eventually landing at a complete company re-brand. This led me to changing the name to “Burrito Bandit” and dropping the mascot completely. This re-branding better reflects a more Mexican inspired brand, as the restaurant does not sell authentic Mexican cuisine. Instead, this new image demonstrates an honest inspiration from Mexico without inauthentically claiming it’s culture.

Drawing from the world around me

After assessing the problem, I took a step back and began to look at authentic Mexican culture. I was inspired by the vibrant colors, amazing food, and bold sans serif typeset that reminded me of my childhood growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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